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Architectural Louvers

Metal-Aire Louver has made louvers for Architectural and Construction Company clients from all over the United States, with our local and regional markets in the Southeast states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana remaining very important to us.

Metal-Aire Louver Co. makes custom louvers for all types of applications,. You can see some examples of our louvers and list of our customers in this website.

When you specify products for your building, you want a high quality product plus skilled, reliable service. This type of total commitment to customer satisfaction has been the foundation of Metal-Aire Louver Company for over 50 years. We can provide you with a complete line of standard and custom-designed louver products when and where you need them. Please give us an opportunity to serve your needs.


Architectural Louvers:

  • Rectangular-triangular-round and half round shapes
  • Dormer type architectural louver for hip roof applications
  • Oval and triangular shapes for all roof applications
  • All blade styles available finishes as per job requirements send us your print for special appreciation

Mechanical Louvers:

  • Blades: From 2 to 8 Inches
  • Rectangular Systems from 2 feet to 12 feet
  • Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel Available with controls paint grip without dampers
  • 2" 4" 6"- Deep louvers
  • Blade Types: Drainable type Blades - Standard weather proof blade for economy - Storm resistant blade also standard constructions.
  • Finishes: Mill - standard acrylic enamel for economy; also Kynar 500 and anodized finishes can match sample for special colors

Mechanical Louver Markets:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Forced Air Systems
  • Ventilation Systems


quarter round aluminum fixed lovre semi-circular louverRound Aluminum Fixed Louvres mounted within brick facing. 3 inch Blades for attic ventilation for Postal facility

Louverhalf round aluminum louver Half-Round Aluminum Fixed Louver with 4 inch Blades. Mounted within studs for wood slat exterior. Raised Cupola supply venting to peak roof attic in bank building.

circular Louver Circular Louver mounted behind stucco exterior. Available in 4-6 inch frame designs.

rectangular Louver LouverRectangular Louver, mounted within studs for brick facing exterior. Available in flange and channel frame designs.

round LouverCircular Louvre mounted in brick facing, 4 inch fixed blade for School building .

typcal gable LouverTypical gable Louver, Triangular, 3.5 inch blades, steel galvanized with Galvanized Paint Grip Material (Field Paintable), commercial building. Also available in extruded aluminum construction.



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